Distinguished teachers, scientists and researchers in the field of medicine!!!

It also represents a continuation of the publishing activity (KNOWLEDGE International Journal – ikm.mk/ojs) and its upgrading and narrow specialization in the field of medical sciences.

The title of the new journal (already with a registered international domain) is MEDIS IJ.                 


The publisher is the Institute of Management & Knowledge from Skopje.    The intention of this publishing venture is to continue with the continuity and raise the quality of the previous work, with the aim of MEDIS IJ TO BE ON THE LIST OF Scopus or WOS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

KNOWLEDGE IJ continues with the practice of publishing medical papers in a separate volume as before, but from now on a new opportunity is given to do it in MEDIS IJ where the papers will be published only in English.

We would like to invite you to make your own choice and decide in which of the two journals you will publish your papers.       Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Robert Dimitrovski  
Manager of the Knowledge Management Institute Skopje