• Mihaela Mireva Medical College “Jordanka Filaretova” Medical University of Sofia
  • Milan Tsekov Clinic of Vascular Surgery, Military Medical Academy-Sofia, Bulgaria



DVT varicose veins, thrombophlebitis


The most common complications of chronic venous disease are venous ulcers and superficial thrombophlebitis. The current study aimed to determine the incidence of superficial thrombophlebitis in patients with chronic venous disease and to follow frequency and cause of disease recurrence. In a nine years period, 495 patients were treated for superficial thrombophlebitis in the clinic of Vascular Surgery of Military Medical Academy and in the diagnostic-consultative office of vascular surgery. Of them 108 (22%) patients, were admitted for surgery. The goals of therapy for STP are to prevent the clot progressing into the deep venous system and to hasten the resolution of the inflammatory and thrombotic processes in areas already affected. The first option of treatment consists of perscription of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs, venotonics and low molecular weight heparin. Only in cases when the thromboplebitis of the great or small saphenous vein cames closer the SFJ or SPJ, the surgery is necessary. The surgical techniques that are usually applied are crossectomy of the GSV, or SSV and less often thrombectomy of the EIV, phlebotomy, phlebocutaneoectomy. The other 387(78%) patients underwent conservative therapy with AINS, antiagregant or anticoagulant therapy. Patients with chronical venous insufficiency and varicose veins are more at risk for superficial thrombophlebitis appearance.


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